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As parents, we are given such a short amount of time to try to teach our children everything that we want them to know.  It’s so funny, we put so much pressure on ourselves…and really, it’s in the little moments that our children learn so much.

Have you ever tried to learn something new with your children?  I am terrified of heights…like super scared…so last week, I put myself in a very vulnerable situation.  I signed my youngest son and myself up for our local ropes course.

He thought it was the worst idea ever…he promised me it would be no fun at all.  However, I ignored him (like we all have to do sometimes, right?!).  We arrived at the ropes course, and it hit me…oh my goodness…I forgot I was terrified of heights. 

Immediately, I began to agree with my son…this was the WORST IDEA EVER!  Instead, I looked at him and said, “you know I’m scared, right?”  He said, “It’s going to be ok mom.”

So many times, we want to teach our children something new…but imagine the confidence and leadership skills we can instill when we give our children the chance to teach us.

My tip for learning something new:

Let your child teach you something new…it will be a blessing to you both!